Discover the RIGHT technology. Skip the STEEP learning curve, and avoid the OVERWHELM.

Learn how to differentiate your clinic through marketing, technology, workflows, cosmetic techniques & implementation strategies.


Discover Your GP Advantage. Attract Ideal Patients.

All while becoming MASSIVELY compensated

for your HIGH VALUE dentistry.


What our MODERN DENTIST ALUMNI are saying:

Portrait of Dr. Jessie Mcallister


The videos were great and very motivational.

I loved learning from Peggy directly as a mentor.

I have learned so much from Peggy as a mentor and I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their knowledge in digital dentistry!

Portrait Kellyana Quattrini


Excellent course!

I enjoyed every lecture.

Very concise and specific - yet full of incredibly important and useful information.

Portrait Dr. Tony Goswell



A wealth of information provided in a very personal format that was truly inspirational.

Portrait Dr. Maria Saguin



This course has given me so much useful information and gave me more clarity, and insights on how to become a truly modern dentist.

It has been a great experience learning from the very hardworking, and very passionate human being, Dr. Peggy Bown!! Thank you Peggy!



You wake up every day with a Clear Vision.

Not only do you get to provide the dentistry you love to do, but your team shares in your vision and you work together everyday to create the practice life that invigorates and rewards you in every way.


Your patients WANT you.

Through strategic marketing and word of mouth, patients from near and far are calling, asking for your expertise. Imagine, YOU get to choose and do more of the cases you want by funnelling your ideal patients from Day1.


The ROI on your Technology is fully realized.

Maximize your technology and adopt more efficient workflows. Your team will be crossed-trained to both find the opportunities & use your technology, increasing case acceptance and great results.


Your Team runs on auto-pilot.

Many of the stresses that used to fall on your shoulders can now be handled by your team because of the solid plans & systems you have put in place. Better workflows make all the difference! When everyone knows where you want to go and what you want to do, it becomes easier to get on the train and stay on the track.


Your Practice is growing on YOUR terms.

You are finally doing the dentistry you have always dreamed of doing and your patients (and team) are reaping the rewards. Referrals and consults are through the roof - you now just have to seize the opportunity!

Turn your Practice Dreams into Reality.

With our guidance, training materials, and bonuses, you will be well on your way!

Portrait Dr. Chelise Kasun

Dr Peggy Bown's Modern Dentist Challenge was the kickstart I needed to up my digital and cosmetic game. This course is jam packed with layers of information about digital marketing, digital and cosmetic dentistry, clear aligners, digital lab work, team involvement and implementation. Dr Bown was our biggest cheerleader throughout the challenge making it both informative and fun.


Not that long ago, I was in your shoes. My early days of building a start-up practice were challenging and uncertain and looking back, only my sheer determination and passion for my vision kept me going.

After almost a year of planning and construction, I excitedly opened Peggy Bown Dentistry in May 2015 with only 4 team members. Now, only 7 years later, I have turned it into a unique, and hugely successful, fully digital, general and cosmetic clinic.

xox, Peggy


As a start-up, I remember the tough days of feeling like I was taking one step forward, only to take three back. And yet, without any guidance, I committed to learning marketing strategies, social media, digital communication and workflows, in addition to taking on clinically challenging

cases using dental implants and Invisalign.

And then, in 2020.... the Pandemic hit.

What I thought I knew about 'how digital could help', completely changed. During the lockdown, I dove into researching and implementing EVEN MORE digital, strengthening team communication, improving the patient experience, and reducing chair time with digital .….and it paid off, massively!

The best part was how I researched and documented what I was learning so other doctors could adopt these same solutions more quickly, without the road blocks I had experienced.

The Pandemic not only changed how dentists practice, but also changed the mindset of patients.

Post-pandemic, patients are looking for:

  • 1. Convenient communication/entry points to your clinic with easy to access to answers and treatments.
  • 2. TOP LEVEL communication and understanding their own oral health that they can see and believe.
  • 3. An experience-focused appointment that minimizes dental anxiety, and reduces appointment time.
  • 4. A practice & dentist that listens, and resonates in a custom way to meet their personal needs.

"Patients are now SHOPPING around to find a clinic that meets their expectations

in a way they never did before.

To stand out, a clinic needs to show up, add value, and be different."

But how?

Your practice Vision is only one part of the equation. Developing the systems & testing different technology is a PROCESS.

If you're like me, you have felt:

  • *Overwhelmed with the options and finding the right tech for your clinic.
  • *The struggle to learn and develop systems for your team that work and will be accepted.
  • *Frustration in motivating your team to take ownership & fully implement your investments.

    ...BUT Good News!
  • I have made the roadmap available to you through The Modern Dentist Core Course. You can finally stop hitting dead ends, and instead, take the fast lane to become the truly modern dentist that you and your team can be proud of.
Join The Fast Lane

What do you have to GAIN?

Social Media Icons

A social media strategy that you can FINALLY feel confident in and will convert followers into patients in the chair.

Inspiration for your GP clinic & ways to plan your next step. Workflows that work!

Highway Icon

A super highway path to becoming a more modern dentist, and stand out in your area.

Time Icon

Efficient time-saving techniques, that improve profitability and reduce stress.

Step-by-step demonstrations of

Dr. Bown's cosmetic techniques & approach.

Bonus icon

Bonus PDFs, tutorials, and discounts for savings on some of our favourite brands & instructors!



  • We teach you how to build YOUR unique brand, provide value and differentiate yourself in a way that helps you stand out as THE unique and Modern Dentist in your area.
  • I will teach how to get started and what the ‘Modern Patient’ is looking for so you can know how to target your ideal patient.
    I will be sharing the key things you need to know that will help you attract the modern patient via posts on Social Media, all the way to optimizing your website.
  • There are also challenges along the way to help you practice what you have learned, so remember to tag us on SM so we can give you feedback in real time!
  • I also dive into 3 of my favourite platforms IG, FB, and LinkedIn and what to do, PLUS what NOT to do when designing and updating your website.


  • Learn the systems we have implemented that are proven to work to make our lives, and the lives of our patients easier, more enjoyable, and ultimately better than anyone could have imagined.
  • Some of the tech includes using the 3D scanner, DSLR camera, communication apps, and not only HOW we scan, but what we say to patients and how we communicate once they have experienced digitalization.


  • We give up our secret sauce for nailing your esthetic consults and how we WOW our patients through every touchpoint of their journey.
  • New to combination ortho & restorative treatment planning? We also dive into the Digital Smile Design Concept and how to successfully set up your ClinChecks so that your restorative work will last.


  • We will dive deeper into your ideal patient avatar and learn how to market directly to them. When you understand your ideal patient, the marketing becomes simplified and effective.
  • Use advanced marketing strategies like email marketing, video content creation and content scheduling to keep your posts consistent, authentic and targeted towards engaged patients.
  • Learn how to manage virtual consults to convert followers into patients by offering them an easy, zero risk option towards getting to know you and your services. Our virtual consult patients book that same day and are now qualified to be great patients!


  • Learn the techniques Dr. Bown uses to perform esthetic bonding for different types of situations. By having an arsenal of techniques, you can go confidently into any restorative situation and still feel able to offer minimally invasive, more affordable cosmetic dentistry to your patients.
  • Live demonstrations of BioClear, DSD Direct, Free-Hand aesthetic bonding PLUS the lab work associated to make your job easier!


  • Set up your team in a way that plays on their strengths and helps EVERYONE ENJOY the best of a modern digital clinic, helping it to thrive long term.
  • Using our 'Roles of an Effective Team', determine the key team players for implementation success. This tool will help make every change in your clinic feel 10x easier moving forward.


  • Canva Templates for Instagram post designs
  • Form PDFs from Dr. Bown's clinic (consent forms, instructions, treatment plans etc.)
  • 1 MONTH FREE trial for Dental BossLady Leadership Academy with Dr. Terri Pukanich
  • 15% OFF a monthly subscription for Treatment Acceptance Mastery with Dr. Paul Homoly
  • 10% OFF WatchDSD
  • Tutorials on how to navigate different softwares used in Dr. Bown's clinic
  • Group support with Modern Dentist alumni through our Mod Squad Facebook page.

Are you ready?

This step-by-step plan can help guide you from feeling stuck as an average GP dentist to setting the foundation as a modern dentist in as little as 12 weeks! No messing around, just a simple plan to take you from Rookie to Rockstar as a digital, modern, cosmetic dentist.

Ready to get started? We are so confident in our course, we are offering you a FREE 7 day trial.